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I'm Wasi; Med Student, From Wasiweb, Wasiclinic, Pohantoon, Libtoon, Taranum websites and Pohantoon, Wasiweb Youtube Channels.
We talk about Productivity, Efficiency, Time Managemnet, Learning, Study, Books, Tech, Health and Medicine.
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How to be Efficient? How to spend and Manage our time? What Technique and Tools to use?

Learning, Book, Study

How to study? What to study? How to Prepare for Exams? Book club and book summaries.

Tech, Youtube, Internet

Running Youtube channel? How to Blog? Using Social media? To dos and Not to dos on Social media.

Monthly Favorites

Sharing My Monthly Favorites of using, learning and Experience, in our Newsletter (Pashto language)

Medicine and Health

Health and well being, Medicine, Med Student, Doctor's life, Guides, Tips, Tools and Resources.

Youth and Psychology

What you need to live Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Successful Live?
Everything about Youth.

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